What documents do I need to rent a car?

Renting a car is not complicated,but requires several formalities .

While car rental companies individually  agree on the general 

terms and conditions of the rental ,the list of requried documents is very similar.To use 

the rental services,you must have an ID card and a driving  license.


Are the offered cars insured ? 

    Yes ,the cars have basic  and  AC.


Can I pay in cash ?

At Polar Bear, payment is made with cash or bank account.

 Does car rental require a deposit?


           Yes, the deposit is payable at pick up. It is 50 000 ISK or 350€ or 350$.

It will be returned when you come back with the car.



                                                                                     COVERAGE DECLARATION
I accept liability on behalf, of, all responsible parties for all charges under the terms of this agreement for the full
period of rental up to and after return of the rental vehicle, including unpaid parking, speeding or other statutory fines,
administration fees, delayed or amended charges and any damages costs.
“ POLAR BEAR” Piotr Rozycki kt: 2408752339 is authorized to take possession of the vehicle at its discretion and
without notice if the renter has any outstanding debts to the lessor.
I have examined the condition of the rented vehicle prior to my departure and agree that all vehicle damages are in
compliance With the Rental Vehicle Condition Report attached to this rental Agreement.
Early return: ln case of early return of the rented vehicle no refund is available.
I accept that 2 wheel drive vehicles are not allowed on roads marked with an F on public road maps and on the Kjól (nr. 35)
Kaldadal (nr. 550) roads, as well as on the road to Landmannalaugar (nr.208). Ve}rlcles suitab1e for highland are listed ln
Polar Bear Iceland fleet manual at any given time. (A breach of Article nr 10 in the Terms and Conditions of this rental
agreement authorizes Polar Bear to collect a fee of 150000 from the Renter).
I have read and agree to the Terms and conditions on both sides of this Rental Agreement, and furthermore I've taken special
note to articles that address insurance Renters liability and circumstances where damage is not covered by insurance.

Special note

I'm aware that.
No insurance, waiver or Protection cover damages caused by off road driving.
No insurance, waiver or Protection cover damages caused by driving in water /river.
No insurance, waiver or Protection cover damages caused to tires and underbody/chassis of the vehicle.
The purchase of CDW, SCDW and TP can reduce the excess liability in case of damages or theft of the vehicle.
The purchase of SAAP and WSP can reduce the excess liability ln case of damage caused by ash/sandstorm and damages to the
front windshield.
It is not allowed to climb on to the roof as lt can easily damage the roof and is very expensive.


 Each vehicle Renter is obliged to sign the declaration written above .

The capital of Iceland is Reykjavik and the beautiful glass building of the Harpa Concert Hall   is located in the very center. On a sunny day, the buiding show its beautiful face and sparkles with many colors.
 And about 30 km from Reykjavik there is a magical place of Blue Lagoon. A place to relax. Just in time after a long drive by car.