Our car rental car in Vogar offers you cars for short or long-term rental-you can decide for yourself whether  you need a car for a few days in a given month or if you prefer to rent a vehicle for a longer period.

polarbearrent.com- Car rental in Vogar has prepared an attractive car rental offer for you .

Get to know us and decide which rental option will be the most convenient for you.

                                   We deliver cars to Keflavik International Airport.

When traveling by road in Iceland, it is worth starting from the south of Iceland. You do not need to travel far to experience something wonderful. And if you like long trips, our PolarBear car rental will provide you with cars just in time for such trips. Heading further west you will visit the wonderful cliffs , waterfalls one of them is Kirkjufellsfoss. Further north one of the many wonderful places is Hvitserkur. If you go further in front of Hofn there is something worth seeing Viking Village Prop for Movie. Traveling further I recommend Reynisfjara (black beach). Traveling, of course, with our car I recommend a beautiful place, probably one of Iceland's leading ones. Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon. And so we are heading towards the end of our journey, we can still visit one place called Raufarhólshellir (Lava Tunnel). Further south, on its headland, there is a beautiful cliff. Valahnukamol. We recommend one hundred percent.
And so you visited the whole Island in a comfortable car which we rent for the client.
For each car rental, let's add a list of all places worth visiting in Iceland.
      We are waiting for you :)

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Before renting a car, please read the Road Traffic Regulations 

How To Drive In Iceland 2023 SUMMER 1
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Opnun Fjallvega En 2023
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Price from October to April

price from: 10.000kr / 73€ / 330PLN / 78$                                                                                                                         More than 5 days price from : 8000kr / 58€ / 264PLN / 62$


Price from May to September

price from: 15.000kr / 109€ / 496PLN / 116$ 

    More than 5 days price from : 12.000kr / 87€ / 397PLN / 93$   

                          Combi version

 Price from October to April

 price from: 12.000kr / 87€ / 397PLN / 93$                                                                                                                         More than 5 days price from : 10.000kr / 73€ / 330PLN / 78$


Price from May to September

price from: 15.000kr / 109€  / 496PLN / 116$

     More than 5 days price from : 12.000kr / 87€ / 397PLN / 93$  


                        Suv/Jeep 4x4

 Price from October to April

 price from: 20.000kr / 145€ / 610PLN / 144$       

     More than 5 days price from : 18.000kr / 130€ / 595PLN / 140$


 Price from May to September

 price from: 22.000kr / 160€ / 727PLN / 170$ 

    More than 5 days price from : 20.000kr / 145€ / 610PLN / 144$   

                       CamperVan Fiat Talento Professional 

Price from October to April

price from ;  23.000kr/148  EUR/ 696PLN / 160 $

     More than 5 days price from ;  20.000 kr / 145 EUR /610 PLN /144 $


Price from May to Juni ; 23.000 kr /148 EUR /696 PLN /160 $

Price from Juli to September  ; 25.000 kr /161 EUR /757 PLN /175 $

     More than 5 days price from : 22.000kr / 160€ / 727PLN / 170$ 


  Accessories :   child seat   2000 kr (from the time of renting a car to the end of renting a car)


   More information about the car rental package will be sent to the e-mail address or by phone.



  e-mail: polarbearcarrent@gmail.com

e-mail: cariceland@polarbearrent.com